About Dr. Loreli Thompson

Dr. Thompson is a licensed clinical psychologist with significant experience in the fields of trauma and violence. She recently retired from 30 years as a police officer, having served in the capacity of patrol officer, sex crime detective, patrol lieutenant, and narcotics task force commander. She specialized in the investigation of violent crime, child maltreatment, sex offending, and domestic violence.

Her degrees include a doctorate in clinical psychology from Fielding Graduate University, Master's degrees in clinical psychology from both Fielding and Chapman University, Master's Degree in criminal justice from Pacific Lutheran, and a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice from St. Martin's University. She is pursuing a specialization in Forensic Psychology (both Police and Criminal Psychology) through additional training and a post-doctoral experience.

Dr. Thompson enjoys working with a variety of clients, focusing on the goals of reducing distress, learning new coping skills, mastering problematic behaviors, and developing a healthier style of living. Therapy may include a variety of techniques including discussion, skills training, relaxation, practical application, or group work, depending on the needs of the client.